Winning or Losing?

How many times has a fiery argument been lost and then the winner is proven wrong later?

In my younger years, I would vehemently defend a position, only to find another factor that I had not considered cut it down.

But lately I have become more considered and reflective in my approach. Time and the compounding interest of experience must be allowed to do their work.

I have steadily grown into the belief that being wrong about something is an opportunity to grow. Time and experiences gained have taught me that pride is a dangerous thing, especially when looking for the truth.

Listen to Boris Becker talk about the mindset of winning and losing, especially when somebody else is just a bit better than you on the day.

Defending your sports title is not life and death, it is important that you can appreciate winning and losing. Pride needs to be there in your sportsmanship, not just the trophy which you may or may not win.

These days, I believe that there are absolute truths and that there are also many truths that change over time. Something that is true today is not necessarily true tomorrow.

Even the things that I hold as sacred truths are only seen in the available limited space of my consciousness and are far more reaching and expansive than my limited mental hard drive. New aspects and implications of those truths are often coming up as I dig deeper, which takes time to stop and reflect.

Added to this there is the fact that we do not walk in others’ footsteps and while something may be morally right or wrong we must see the situation the person is standing in when we make a judgement call.

No one has a monopoly on truth, and science continues to advance. Yesterday’s heresies may be tomorrow’s conventional wisdom.

Dean Ornish

This week, let’s all not dwell on our past or anyone else’s failings. With the present situation in the world, we must decide, more than usual, how we will strengthen our own foundations.

Let us just commit to moving forward and doing what we can to change us and ‘our world’ first before trying to change ‘the world.’

Remember that being different is your biggest asset and you don’t have to be like everyone else. If you need a career coach, drop me an email or private message today to get you on the right track.

Thanks for reading! I’d love you to share your thoughts in the comment space below!

Dave Brebner.

Dave Brebner – Career Coach

Dave is an Adult Educator, Speaker and Youth leader living in Western Sydney, Australia. He has Diplomas in Business and Training, a Bachelors Degree in Adult Education, Vocational and Workplace Training and a Masters of Education with a major in Career Development. He has lived with Tourette’s Syndrome, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Anxiety Disorders since an early age, you can read his story online. He is married with 6 children. He is a passionate coach and mentor to young people especially in the vocational guidance and career development areas. Dave is a professional member of the Career Development Association of Australia and has authored a course on Living with Tourette’s which you can study and purchase online through his website –

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