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Navigating your life direction can be tough!

Sometimes we cannot see the keys to a positive outcome. Sometimes we do not have the right answers simply because we have not been asked the right questions.

As a public speaker and presenter, I specialise in exploring the opportunities and pathways available to anyone in their working life through the power of educational neuroscience. I present keynote talks and presentations to educational and corporate organisations on the topics such as the neuroscience of the teenage brain and the power of stories.

I share with audiences my life journey in thriving with Tourette Syndrome and the real-life stories from my extensive experience. This year I have also added a Master of Educational Neuroscience to my qualifications to build upon my knowledge. This combined with my skills in Business in Trades and Training, a Bachelor’s Degree in Adult Education, Vocational and Workplace Training and a Master of Education degree (Career Development) provides a wide scope of discussion points to connect with your audience.

I have mentored people of all ages towards great life outcomes and I can guide you and your professional team too.

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Dave Brebner

“David has given presentations to our yr. 11 and 12 students at St Marks College. He encouraged them to find their life’s purpose. His life story is relevant to young people as he shares about his struggle with Tourette’s syndrome and the effects it had on him growing up. He also shares how the lives of those around him, as well as coming to understand his own uniqueness has released him flourish in life. Dave is a dynamic, engaging, and relevant voice for young people today.”

Daniel Cody – Teacher
St Marks College, 2018

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