Building Community Attitudes

Have you seen the preview of the upcoming Australian television show ‘Employable Me’?

Our very own ABC, Screen Australia and the NSW Government confirmed their investment in the new series last year to begin production.

The documentary series follows people with neuro-diverse conditions such as Autism, Asperger’s and Tourette Syndrome as they look for employment in Australia.

I am looking forward to this show with great anticipation after watching episodes of the British show which was very uplifting. It depicted Tourette’s sufferers with admiration and compassion and the ABC appear to have practiced good research and enquired of people directly involved. It also didn’t over-emphasize the more stereotyped symptoms but showed good context with that and the family and social situations surrounding the condition.

Minister for Disability Services, Ray Williams MP, said: “Research shows that across all sectors, a critical barrier for jobseekers with a disability is the attitude of prospective employers.”

I have high hopes that this short series will inspire employers to be adventurous and see the great potential and commercial benefits in these remarkable human beings who have gone through so much to get where they are today. I hope it inspires employers to understand that being different can be their employees biggest asset.

As a career development practitioner, with a specialty in Tourette’s and related conditions, I am looking forward to assisting and advocating for people with these conditions towards planning a great future in their work and relationships.

Let me know your thoughts on the series?

Remember that being different is your biggest asset and you don’t have to be like everyone else.

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Dave Brebner.


About the Author:

Dave is an Adult Educator, Speaker and Youth leader living in Western Sydney, Australia where he teaches the Electrical Trades at the Western Sydney Institute. He has Diplomas in Business and Training, a Bachelors Degree in Adult Education, Vocational and Workplace Training and a Masters of Education with a major in Career Development. He has lived with Tourette’s Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Anxiety Disorders since an early age. He is married with 6 children. He is a passionate coach and mentor to young people especially in the vocational guidance and career development areas. Dave is a professional member of the Career Development Association of Australia and has authored a course on Living with Tourette’s which you can study and purchase online through his website –



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