Presentations for Schools, Colleges, Conferences and Government

As part of my services, I offer presentations bookings to schools, colleges, government, not-for-profit and private enterprises. My experience in this has shown that it is an excellent way of reaching a variety of students, staff and members in a half or one-day event.

Re-writing your story to re-define your purpose towards a fulfilling career journey is not an easy task. While it feels good knowing your gifts and talents are being used to their potential to improve your life, it can be a lonely journey.

Download my presentation list here to see what I can offer your audience:

We Deliver What You Need

One-on-One Sessions
You might like one on one sessions which you can fit in with the existing schedule.

Group Sessions
You might prefer to have the presentation in a group environment where audience members can observe from the comfort of being amongst many other faces seeking their way through career challenges.

Career Coaching Intensive
You might choose a dedicated ten-week career coaching intensive timeframe to focus intently on specific goals and how you/the participants are going to reach them.

How to Book a Presentation

If your school or college would like to have me present a presentation on your premises, I can visit and speak with a large group of your students and share my story and strategies for career success. I speak at schools, colleges and camps and am available to the government, not-for-profit and private enterprise for staff development events.


You can view or book in my online booking calendar for a one-on-one consultation or an event at your school or workplace!

I also offer larger presentations to symposiums, conferences and exhibitions to share my story and an Australian perspective on positive ways to beat the stigma of Tourette Syndrome.

For enquiries on my annual calendar schedule, fees and further information on what is involved in my presentations, please contact me to discuss your needs.